Common Door Repairs.

How to Fix Some of the Most Common Door Problems.

If you have doors in your home that aren’t working properly, don’t despair. There are a few fixes that will take care of whatever is swinging, squeaking, sticking or otherwise ailing your doors. Find out how to fix common door problems and avoid expensive door repairs.

The Door Won’t Stay Latched.
If the door doesn’t close properly and most of the time has to be pushed hard in order to get it to latch, the first thing to look for is how Choose Our Door Repair Servicesthe door is jamming. Due to wear and tear, your door may have leaned forward, and now it doesn’t latch as it used to. In order to fix the problem you must install longer screws. If you lack experience or tools for this job, consider hiring a contractor who specializes in door repairs.

If your door doesn’t lean forward, then it’s a matter of readjusting the strike plate. In order to understand whether the strike plate needs to be moved up or down, coat the latch with crayon and then close and open the door a few times. The crayon will transfer from the latch to the strike plate, indicating where it hits. According to this sign, move the strike plate up or down.

The Door Swings and Won’t Stay Open.
If your door swings and won’t stay open then you may have what is usually called an out of plumb door. To fix the issue, you have to insert a small shim between the door jamb and the back of the bottom hinge. To do that, loosen the hinge screws and place a plastic or wooden shim behind the hinge. Hold the shim in place while tightening back the screws.

If you don’t have the time, skills or tools to handle these door repairs on your own, then hire a professional. California Door has been in the door supply, repair and maintenance business for many years now. If you reside in Santa Fe Springs, CA, you should definitely contact them. Their phone number is (562) 665-8026.