Does California Have Regulations for Residential Doors?

Landing Requirements for California Doors within Residential Structures In the year 2007, the California Building Code regulations states that every door for all occupancies must now have a level floor or landing on either side. Doors within residential buildings do have some exceptions. This blog on California doors applies to every door within individual units […]

Increasing the Security of Your Storefront Door

Is It Time for a Door Replacing Service? Retails stores rely on street exposure using doors and windows as displays. Small stores use single or double glass doors, while larger stores use one or two sets of swing doors. A recent study has shown that bi-parting sliding doors are more convenient and welcoming for clients. […]

Signs You Need to Replace Your Front Door.

How to Determine Whether You Need Repair or Doors Replacement Service. Although we use them every day, we don’t get them much notice. Most of us take their front doors for granted, and that’s why we are surprised when the technician tells us we need a new door because the old one can’t be repaired. […]

Common Door Repairs.

How to Fix Some of the Most Common Door Problems. If you have doors in your home that aren’t working properly, don’t despair. There are a few fixes that will take care of whatever is swinging, squeaking, sticking or otherwise ailing your doors. Find out how to fix common door problems and avoid expensive door […]